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(If you missed the Round-Up on 2/8/2022)

Kindergarten Enrollment

The on-line enrollment window will open on January 31, 2022.  You will not be able to complete the on-line enrollment until that date.  Once you have completed the  On-line Enrollment, please print out the on-line enrollment and make sure to sign the last page
Verification of Identity of Guardian (ONE from list below)
  • Driver’s License or CA ID Card
  • Passport with photo ID
  • Government-issued document with photo ID
  • If social services or foster care agency, agency identification
Verification of residency (Provide TWO documents from list below) (No PO Boxes)
  • Utility bill (electric, gas, water/sewage)
  • Current mortgage or rental agreement
  • Property tax bill
If the above-described documents are not available other documents that are acceptable
  • Bank statements
  • Moving company receipts
  • Service letter from utility company verifying residency
  • Escrow state followed by closing documents
Verification of proof of age
  • Official or certified copy of the birth record
  • Statement by local register or county recorder certifying date of birth
  • Baptismal certificate or official hospital record of birth
  • Passport
  • When none of above are attainable, a signed Affidavit for Proof of Age of Minor
Immunization Records
  • Yellow Immunization record
  • Doctor printout
Supplemental Kindergarten Documents
The following forms are included in the above link
  • Home Language Survey 
  • New to CUSD – Additional Student Data
  • Getting to Know You (Kindergarten)
  • District Health Letter
  • Report of Health Examination (required for all children entering first grade)
  • Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form
Fill out ALL the above  forms, as well as the on-line enrollment form and return to the front office after February 8, 2022.
Additional Kindergarten Information