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Parking Drop-off/Pick-up



Arroyo Vista Parking Lot Procedures: Thank you to all the parents who are following our parking lot procedures and dropping off at the curb.  It is much safer for students to be dropped off at the curb and also helps the flow of traffic.  
  • Refrain from cell phone usage that is not completely hands free.
  • Be ready to unload your children.  Say your goodbyes in the car and have backpacks ready to go.
  • Please do not use the middle lane to load or unload.  The middle lane is coned off so you must turn left when you enter the lot or pull forward to the Middle School curb
  • Middle School Parents can make the first left into the lot and pull forward to the Elementary curb to drop off
  • Students may only enter and exit vehicles curbside
  • Parents should remain in their vehicles when picking up and dropping off. If you must leave your vehicle, park in an available parking spot and secure your vehicle.
  • The red curb between the building and the school sign is not for pick up or drop off.  This area blocks the line of traffic flow from middle school
  • Stay with your vehicle at all times unless you are parked in a parking spot
  • At dismissal, we utilize two lines when picking up at the marque.  This allows us to get more cars in the parking lot.  Please do not honk  at people forming the second line and be carful where you park if you are in a hurry to get out to the parking lot.